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Villages Cup Series Results


Villages Golf Club held a Fall and Winter VGC Cup series.  The winner for each season was based on an overall point system and received a great prize!  


The 2023 Fall Cup Series had seven (7) events with 2 in September, October and November and 1 in December.  The Fall Champion, Club President Judi Andrews, was celebrated at our December 2023 meeting and received $100! The top ten finishers are shown below.    

1st Place. Judi Andrews. 45 points
2nd Place. Rick Reneau. 44.5 points
3rd Place. Jim Kurtyka. 43 points
4th Place. Carol D’Atillio. 42.5 points
5th Place. Bob D’Atillio & Linda Kurtyka. 41 points
6th Place.  Claudia Sirmon. 40 points
7th Place.  Sandy Drewnowski. 37 points
8th Place. Alanna Farnsworth. 35 points
9th Place. Dan Chapman. 32 points
10th Place. Charlie Greenwood. 29 points

The 2023 Winter Cup Series had eight (8) events with 2 in January, February, March and April. The Winter Champion, Joanne Barrett, was celebrated at the April 2024 picnic and received $100! The top ten finishers are shown below.

1st Place. Joanne Barrett. 48 points
2nd Place. Vicki DiGrado. 46 points
3rd Place. Carol D’Atillio. 45 points
4th Place. Sandy Rowlett, Claudia Sirmon, Judi Andrews. 44 points
5th Place. Rick Reneau, Sue Emmons. 43 points
6th Place. Charlie Greenwood. 42.5 points
7th Place. Brent & Alanna Farnsworth, Sherry Rhoads. 41 points
8th Place. Ned Barrett, Pat Goeke. 40 points
9th Place. Joe DiGrado, Linda Kurtyka. 39.5 points
10th Place. Pete Sefcik.  39 points


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