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Golf Course
Type of Events

Formats vary by event but we try and please all levels of golfers. We run team and individual events. Some event details and formats follow.  

Best 2 of 4 Net

 The lowest two net scores on each hole are all that are counted in the team score. If a player's net score exceeds that needed by the team, he/she may pick up and place the score they would have achieved on the scorecard, with an X beside it.

Quota Points

Each player has an assigned quota.  By earning points on each hole, the team with the highest total number of points wins! Scoring is based on NET score on a hole: Bogey-1; Par-2; Birdie-3;Eagle-4;Albatross-5.  No bonus points for natural birdies, eagles, etc shall be allowed in a VGC event because we use NET hole score vs the more normal gross hole score.

The Waltz or 123

One net score is used on hole #1, two (2) scores on hole #2, three (3) scores on hole #3.  This pattern is repeated for the 18 holes (123,123,123,123,123,123).  Team members should mark their scorecards so that, in the case of a shotgun, each team uses the same # of scores on the same holes.


Total of best Stableford score between partners on each hole. Net score is used when assigning points earned.  The more points, the better!

Stableford points are: Bogey-1; Par-2; Birdie-3;Eagle-4;Albatross-5. 


One version is called 15/24/33.  In this game, the single best net score is used on the par 5's (e.g. the 15), 2 are used on all of the par 4's (e.g. 24) and 3 on all the par 3's (e.g. 33). Different numbers can be assigned but this is the most typical.  Can also play the reverse (35/24/13), Also, 15,24,23 and so on.

Pink Ball

Each player plays their own ball and one plays the pink ball, each player takes a turn playing the pink ball.  The pink ball score plus the best of the other three are counted for each hole.  The lowest aggregate score and the lowest pink score take the money.  If the team loses the pink ball, they're out!

For more game ideas, go to Events/Event Leader Info/Golf Games on our website.

We play a shotgun when a course will allow it.  We get together to dine and socialize after every event which is a great way to meet new friends!

We play most "competitions" within 1 hour of The Villages.  For members who don't like to drive or don't have a car, carpooling with other event participants is an option.  Contact the Event Leader or a member of the board for assistance. 

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