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VGC February Meeting Minutes, February 22, 2023

President Judi Andrews opened the February 22 meeting of The Villages Golf Club at 7:05 pm. There were 33 members present at the regularly scheduled meeting at Seabreeze Recreation Center. Judi welcomed all members who then recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

The officers were introduced to those present including Brian Ballweg, a new Member at Large. The Club is still seeking a secretary and Members at Large.  James Arnold volunteered to be Member at Large. James was affirmed by the Board and the members. Thank you to James and Brian.

Susan Mathews gave the treasurer’s report. The current balance of approximately $11,000.  To address a question raised after the meeting, this amount includes all the fees pre-paid by members for upcoming events (approximately $6,900). The balance in the Hole-In-One Club is $239.


Cathy McMullen introduced the new members and guests. Cathy has name badges for many members which can be picked up at the monthly meetings.  She also has business cards available for members to take to give out to golfers they meet. Our Club grows by inviting others to join us.

Judi noted that a group of members enjoyed a Valentine’s Day Dinner together at Arnold Palmer Country Club and encouraged members to add that to their calendars for next year.
Cathy presented the survey results from the 81 members who participated. We have begun to address some issues pointed out. Claudia Sirmon  has scheduled a Saturday golf day in April to see if more members would participate. People seemed comfortable with the golf prices and the distances to chosen courses.  We are now posting the results of each event online. We will continue to work to make the Club better.


By-Laws are being updated and streamlined to include the policies and procedures. Comments are encouraged by members on comment forms provided or online by March 1. The Board will present the document to the Club when complete.

Handicap Presentation was given by Rick Reneau. He reviewed how to use the GHIN app to determine a player’s handicap for any course. He then explained how to transfer the handicap to dots/strokes on the scorecard so players can figure their net score. Handicaps vary for each tee box. Rick also explained how to post a score; it is recommended to post hole by hole so GHIN will adjust a score if needed. Members should post a score on the day of play. GHIN handicaps allow members to play in Village tournaments throughout the year.
Claudia reviewed all the upcoming events and encouraged members to sign up. There are only a few openings left for Juliette Falls with 42 already playing. The overnight event to the Daytona area on April 10-11 is open for sign-ups. Some hotel rooms have been reserved for the group. See Claudia about a room request. Golf will be played at Halifax Plantation in Ormond Beach and The Club at Venetian Bay in New Smyrna Beach. Members were encouraged to sign up soon. Check the website for more details for this and upcoming golf outings to Mission Inn, Royal Oaks and Skyview Golf Course.
Prize money was awarded to winners from the SummerGlen outing on February 2 and King’s Ridge on February 15. Results for these events are posted on the website.


Gee Whiz Shots were submitted for several members from January events. Members were recognized at the meeting and those present were reminded to submit a Gee Whiz Shot for any player in their group during any outing for VGC.

  • Summer Glen: Claudia Sirmon for a 36 foot putt for a par and James Arnold for a 51 foot putt for a par.

  • King’s Ridge: Rick Reneau’s second shot hit the flag and almost dropped in, Judi Andrews made a 28-foot putt for a birdie, and Vicki DiGrado hit her second shot on the par 4 to the green within two inches of the flag for an almost eagle, but an easy birdie.


The Tiger Award for February goes to the member who shot the lowest net score in the events for the month. Several members shot great golf and carded below par net scores. One member had the lowest net score of 66. This month the Tiger Award was given to Vicki DiGrado. Congratulations, Vicki! Look for the Tiger in her golf bag.

Members were reminded to sign up for the End of the Year Picnic on April 22 at 4:30 PM. This event is free to members. Sign up soon.


Members got to know each other a little better by standing when answering yes to a series of questions posed by Judi.


Karen Canby provided homemade cookies for the meeting. Thank you, Karen.


Name tag winner this month was Bill Dando. Bill and Kay Dando gave money to several 50/50 winners.


For the Good for the Group: Members were reminded to bring used golf balls for reusing to raise money for Operation Shoebox and aluminum tab tops for Ronald McDonald House.

Judi left everyone with a quote from John Freeman, “The good shots keep us coming back.”


The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.

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