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VGC MINUTES April 24, 2024

65 Members Attending

The Villages Golf Club End of Year Picnic was held at Trillium Recreation Center. President Judi Andrews called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm. Board members in attendance were Judi Andrews, Vicki DiGrado, Susan Mathews, Cathy McMullen, Claudia Sirmon, Rick Reneau.

Oakwood Barbeque catered the event. Thanks to Rick and Claudia for coordinating food pickup and setup. Based on RSVP’s, VGC ordered food for 80 people, free of charge to club members.  Due to no-shows, the head count at the event was only 65.


New Business-Judi Andrews

Judi stated the March minutes are available on the website. There were no changes or additions submitted by members.


Membership Report-Judi Andrews

Introductions of new members in attendance. Our current membership count is 189. Membership enrollment is closed until May 2024. New members will be able to sign up at that time.

For existing members, annual dues of $10 per person are to be paid in August 2024.

Winners of the free round of golf for attendance this year were Diane Sefcik, Debbie Grabel and Carol D’Attilio.


Upcoming Events-Judi Andrews

All upcoming events are on the website. There are still golf outings in need of leaders to organize the event.


Golf Standings-Rick Reneau

The Village Cup Series Award went to Joanne Barrett. Through a series of attending golf events and scoring points, she was the winner of $100.

The Tiger Award is presented each month to the club member with the lowest handicap net in one month. This month’s winner is Tamara Gorski. Congratulations!

Winners for Water Oaks Golf Course, Lady Lake, and Lake Jovita Golf & Country Club, Dade City, are posted on the website.


Treasurer Report-Susan Mathews

Current financials through the end of March have expenditures at $25,066.30, income at $25,321. The unclaimed prize money is $373, and the hole-in-one fund is $293.


Fun and Games

Thank you to Charlie and Ro Greenwood for assisting with tonight’s 50/50 raffle.

Susan distributed prize winnings from Water Oaks and Lake Jovita.

Name Tag Drawing winner was Claudia Sirmon.


50/50 Volunteers will be covered at future meetings by:

Pete and Diane Sefcik-Sept/Oct

Debbie Austin and Diane Sweeney-Nov/Dec

Brian and Sally Ballweg-Jan


The meeting adjourned at 7:10 pm.

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