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Golf Balls
Event Leader Info

VGC members volunteer to run our golf events. We take care of finding/booking the location, establishing the pricing, sending out the event information, collecting the monies, sending out reminders, and providing you with the list of players. If the course has an on-site restaurant, we will include that information in the event information so members can meet to dine after the event. We will also provide you with an Event Leader Expense Form prior to the event that will help you with record keeping.


As Event Leader, all you have to do is: 
-Receive the list of players from the Webmaster about a week before the event
-Put together the foursomes
-Decide the game to be played and CTP holes
-Send an email to the players prior to the event to let them know the groupings, games and other information
-Greet the players at the event to answer questions and assist as players begin play
-Join players after golf for dining/socializing at the location chosen by the VP of Operations
-Work with the Handicap Administrator and VP of Operations to decide the event winners and prizes
-Communicate the winner information to the Webmaster for posting
-Submit the expense form to the Treasurer for reimbursement.

On the day of the event, the Event Leader is responsible for paying the fees for the VGC golfers participating in the event (you will be reimbursed within a few days). You also get free golf for one person when playing outside the villages. 

Please refer to the documents here for information and guidance about leading an event.

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