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Event Leader Info

The following information provides an overview for VGC event leaders.  In addition, please refer to the Event Leader Information section on this page which contains helpful information to plan and manage the event as well as the VGC Event Leader Expense Report used for cost tracking and reimbursement.


VGC members volunteer to run our golf events. In return, the Event Leader receives free golf for one person when playing outside The Villages. We take care of finding/booking the location, establishing the pricing, sending out the event information, collecting the monies, sending out reminders, and providing you with the list of players. The VP of Operations will provide the name of the restaurant that we will attend after golf and make reservations for the group.  The restaurant may be at the course or close by. 

Approximately 1-2 weeks prior to an event, the VP of Operations will send you all of the information you need in an email: the golf rate the course will charge us including tax, any compensations you should receive and range ball information.  We will let you know everything you need to know in order to be a good event leader- costs, directions to course, restaurant, etc.

Approximately one week prior to an event, the Webmaster will send you a list of the event participants including names, emails, etc.


As Event Leader, prior to the event, you will
-Put together the foursomes
-Decide the game to be played and CTP holes
-Send an email to the players and the VGC Board prior to the event to let them know the groupings, games and other information.  The Handicap Administrator will use this information along with Villages ID numbers to determine the handicaps for the specific course.

-Send the pairing and tee times to the course contact (provided by the VP of Operations in their email).


On the day of the event, you will:
-Greet the players at the event to answer questions and assist as players begin play

-Pay for all participants to play golf using your own credit card less any compensations (if applicable).  The email from the VP of Operations will include this informaton.
-Join players after golf for dining/socializing at the location chosen by the VP of Operations
-Ensure that the Handicap Administrator (HA) receives all of the score cards from the game and is briefed on the game played and the scoring. If the HA is not in attendance at the event, this may require delivering the scorecards to the HA within a few days of the event so winners can be determined and posted.  The HA will determine the event winners and send you (and the VGC Board) the results and the dollar value winnings to be awarded. 


After the event, you will:

-Submit the VGC Event Leader Expense Report (see link to file on this page) to the Treasurer for reimbursement. You will be reimbursed within a few days.

Please review the documents on this page for information and guidance about leading an event.

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