Dee Fry Shatters Record for 3-Day Scoring Total

Deanne (Dee) Fry is a member of the Villages Golf Club.

This report is from The Villages Daily Sun on Tuesday June 20th 2017.

Fry Shatters Record for 3-Day Scoring Total

By MATT Core - Daily Sun Staff Writer


When Deanne Fry returned home from the National Senior Games, she did so not just as a gold medalist, but as the new owner of a record. There was only one problem - she wasn’t aware of that. “I didn’t know that,” Fry said with a laugh. “No one told me that while I was there. That’s crazy. That is just awesome.” The 79-year old athlete competed in the three-day golf event in the 80-84 age group — she turns 80 before Dec. 31, so she qualifies for that age group — and finished with rounds of 83, 83 and 78 for a three-day total of 244. Fry didn’t just set the record, she shattered the previous mark of 269 by 25 strokes. “It was kind of magical, actually,” she said. “Sometimes your timing is just on and it seems easy. That is just the way it was. I didn’t feel like I was playing particularly well. it just felt easy. I can’t explain it really." Fry made it look so easy that she defeated her closest competitor by 18 strokes to win gold. “I was just on during those three days,” she said. “Sometimes it’s hard. You try to swing and everything is off, you can’t do it. But this was just the opposite of that. Everything was easy.” Everything may have been easy during her trip to Birmingham. but qualifying for that trip was anything but. When she traveled to Clearwater for the qualification round at the Florida State Senior Games, she was greeted with rain — lots of it. “It was a terrible rain storm, but there was no lightning,” Fry said. “We had to play until the course was unplayable.” Unfortunately, she didn’t qualify during the rainstorm, although she did stick it out to the end. Only the winner in each age group that day was granted a spot at the National Senior Games, and Fry lost to fellow Villages resident Gail Brown. Luckily for Fry, there was a second day of competition that allowed more players to qualify, and this time instead of playing against other players, she just had to worry about the course. “There are two ways to qualify,” she said. “The second day, you just have to shoot a certain score. I think it was in the 90s, it wasn’t that hard.” She shot low enough to qualify, earning her spot in Birmingham. Now that the competition is over, Fry and her husband, Jim, can shift their focus to the other big event happening this summer — the sale of their house in Illinois. The pair have been living with dual residences for the past eight years, living as snowbirds, but they were ready for a change. “We wanted to be full-time Villagers, so we sold our house up here,” Fry said. “We’re happy with that decision.” With her house sold and a new National Senior Games record under her belt, Fry is looking forward to the National Senior Games in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in 2019. She hopes she can best her newly minted record, but she is realistic about that happening. “That would be great, but I’ll be two years older,” she said. “That would make it a little harder.”

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