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Winter Season 2020-21

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Handicap Chair comments about the March 10th, 2021 game at Summer Glen

Course conditions and high wind contributed to an unusually high Average NET score (73.8).  This brought to light a slight flaw in the current VGC handicapping system.  New players will be handicapped for the "Average NET Par" for the outing they play in (In this case, 74).  This better adjusts for unusually good or bad playing conditions (like extreme cold, or fantastically soft greens) and should represent a truer score for that day.

Additionally, though I have been doing part of this anyway, we had an unusual situation today.  A VGC member recorded a 9 on a par 4 (no pickup).  Now that was his actual score and with his handicap that was a NET QUADRUPLE bogey.  I had to adjust this down to an 8, even though he actually shot a 9 because when a player picks up, they are automatically given a NET TRIPLE bogey.  It seems very unfair to allow a score above net triple bogey to stand because, had he known the situation, he would have picked up at net double bogey and been given a net triple bogey.  Thus, the following 2 rules will be enforced going forward.

1.  All holes have a maximum score of net Triple Bogey

NOTE: A player who picks up will never be disqualified from contributing his score (net triple bogey) to either an individual round or a team game. We are here to have fun, not avoid pickups.

2.  A ball that is picked up will be assigned a score of net Triple Bogey
Pickup is indicated on the scorecard with an x next to the stroke total at pickup. 
NOTE, the stroke total is not really needed.

The below rule is already in place and will continue to be used.

3. Once a round is scored, all net triple bogeys will be adjusted to net double bogey to record a score for future handicapping purposes.

Comments about the unusual game (competition) the VGC played today. 
Every player was placed into a pairing with a 2nd player (couples were paired and players that played together were paired).  Blinds were drawn for singles who played with no one else.  This formed 13 pairings.  From these 13 pairings, we drew a random pair for each pair starting with the new players so that no new player was paired with more than 1 other new player.  This formed 6 teams with 1 pair leftover for which a blind pair was drawn thus forming the 7th team (wow, that was a lot).

Once we had teams, we played a "front/back format" (name made up).  Each pair of a team added one member of the pair's front 9 score with the other member of the pair's back 9 score and vice versa.  The better score was used.  The same was done with the other pair of the team. Thus forming a team score.

We had a 3 ties for 2nd place.  Ties were broken with the standard VGC method of using the last 9 holes, last 6 holes, last 3 holes, then hole 18 backwards (hole by hole). NOTE: When using the last 9 holes for a team, only the pair's scores that were used on the back nine for calculating the team score for each pairing were used.  This resulted in some cases where a partner had a better back nine but overall it was better to use the other partners back nine even though it cost them the tie breaker (that may not be clearly stated).