Policies and Procedures

Villages Golf Club has it's own Policy for Cancellations, No Shows and Inclement Weather.

Cancellations should be no less than 24 Hours before a tournament

If a registered participant is unable to play in an event for whatever reason, the participant is
to cancel with the event leader.  The leaders phone number will be posted.

A registered participant who cancels less than 24 hours before the start of an event
​or who does not show up for the event will forfeit his/her entire entry fee.
The committee has the ability to waive this in the event of extreme situations.

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather on the day of the event, the participant
MUST go to the golf course.
The weather at the course may be entirely different than at your home or even within
a few miles of the course. 
The course and the event leaders will decide on cancellation.
Registered participants who do not come to the course will not receive a refund
if the event is cancelled.

Scoring Tips

When scoring your game at an outing, each cart should maintain a scorecard,
recording gross scores for each golfer and also game scores.
Please eliminate the use of slashes, dashes and other scores on the official scorecard.
Score keepers can check with each other periodically throughout the round so that final
scoring and collaboration will take a minimal of time once the round is finished.
Scores will be entered into our own handicap system by the committee.
Those who are still members of the GHIN system should enter their scores into GHIN themselves.

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