On-line Bookings and Payments Help

On-line Bookings and Payments are now available. Members  can now book and pay on-line or just book on-line and pay by cash/check at the meetings or by mail to our Treasurer.

VGC "Monthly Meetings" are not bookable (just turn up) and Hole-in-One money cannot be paid on-line, it must be paid directly to our Treasurer. Any event shown as FREE will be bookable and you will not be directed to pay.

We strongly urge members to at least book on-line even if they do not want to use the on-line payment option.

To Book On-line for one of the VGC events:

  1. Connect to our web site at   villagesgolfclub.com

  2. Access the Events Calendar

    • Hover mouse over Events and Results

    • Click on Events Calendar on dropdown list

  3. Scroll down to the event your wish to enroll on

  4. Click Details to the right of the event name

  5. Click + or + to select the number of players 

    • You may elect to pay by cash or check at payment time if you do not wish to pay on-line.

  6. Click Checkout to complete your booking

  7. Fill in your details (Buyer Details)

    • FirstName,  LastName  and  eMail Address must all be entered

  8. Click Continue

  9. Enter first golfers name (or click Same as Buyer if it is you)

  10. If you're paying for more than 1 golfer, click Next Ticket

    • Do this for each golfer you are paying for

  11. When all golfers details are entered, click Continue

  12. Select either PayPal (default selection) or Manual Payment

    • If Manual Payment is selected your will end the transaction and be prompted to send a check

    • If PayPal is selected, you will be taken to the PayPal login page that will let you pay through your PayPal account if you have one or just by entering your credit card details

  13. Click Place Order

  14. At the PayPal login page:

    • EITHER:  Enter your PayPal account details and login to pay via PayPal

    • OR:  Click on Pay with Debit or Credit Card near the bottom of the page

  15. Assuming  paying by Debit or Credit Card, enter your card details at the next screen and click Pay Now to complete on-line booking and payment. 

  16. You will see a confirmation screen similar to this and a confirmation eMail will be sent to the purchaser as proof of booking and payment.

               Thank you, (yourname)                                                             Registration to 'Annual Picnic' is complete.
        Tickets are on the way to guests and your email:  your.email@gmail.com                                                            Add to Calendar

  17. If you don't get a message as above and a confirmation eMail, then your booking has not completed.

  18. There will also be an option to add the booking to your on-line calendar if you use Gmail, Outlook or iCal

  19. There are options at the bottom of the confirmation page to Print or Download the booking and to go Back to Site

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