VGC Leader Guidelines for Golf Events 

Important - Please Read The Whole Document. (Download Copy - Click Here)

Important - Please Read The Whole Document.

General Information

Negotiations of course, date, time and cost for your event have been completed by the VP/Event Coordinator. 
Leaders will be provided with these details.  
Any suggested changes to the event MUST be cleared with VP/Event Coordinator or Club President.

  1. Communications:

    • All requests to send out event emails (done by the Membership Chair) should be:

      • Written exactly as you want them to be sent out and in the way in which you want it to appear

      • Sent to the club email account at

    • All requests for information should also be sent to this email account.

    • Please send all communications in good time as it may take a day or two before they are picked up and actioned. 

  2. Complimentary Golf:  Leaders (up to two) will be given complimentary golf for the event.  Leaders may have to pay at the course and be reimbursed afterward by the Treasurer.

  3. Event Confirmation:  Leaders should receive an event confirmation/agreements from VP/Event Coordinator. This should be taken to the event in case there are questions about the agreement.

  4. Player Eligibility:  No member can play unless dues are current.  Guests will be permitted to play at the same rate as the members but will not be eligible for prizes.

Pre-Event Guidelines

  1. Survey the Course (or talk to the pro):
    Leaders should play the course and look for or ask the Pro to determine if there are any course conditions that will make play difficult for higher handicap golfers, such as “forced carry” (no place to bail out) and determine an acceptable deviation from the rules which should be included on the leader’s instructions e-mailed to participants and placed on each golf cart at the event. Inquire about procedure for accommodations for some members. 

    1. Obtain multiple course scorecards and make sure that course yardage is included in future flyers or advertising so players can choose the best tee box when signing up.  It makes things easier if you take a bunch to prepare a day ahead of time otherwise you have to show up early to prepare the cards.

    2. Ask the Pro what holes we will begin on for the shotgun start and when he needs names of players for the cart labels. (If he does not make them, you will need to make them.)

    3. Check out the course restaurant options for possible dining after golf (make sure they will be open that day and time).

    4. Closet to the Pin (CTP):

    • While at the course, choose the best holes for CTP.  For CTP the men should be no farther than 150 yards and ladies no farther than 120 yards from the pin. Contact the Club President to get the CTP measuring/marking devices or ensure they are brought to the event.  

  2. Format:
    Determine the game format and inform the webmaster to post on the website. The format should be included with or in flyers for the event. Decide if it will be a team or an individual game. Sort the players into teams based on handicap indexes (available on Website) to make teams as even as possible. Keep in mind that the Villages Golf Club encourages golfers to play with different people.  This is one of the principles of the organization.  There are many options for different games.                                                                                                  

  3. Players:
    The website can mail every entry to the event as it happens.  Signing up -as a leader- early allows the leader to keep track of entries as they come in. 

    1. Roughly 3 days prior to the event request a complete list of players who signed up online from the Webmaster (the website shuts down sign-ups roughly 4-5 days prior to the event).  

    2. Also ask the Treasurer if he got any checks from players.  

    3. Send a playing list to Membership Chair to ensure all players are actually members (or a member’s guest).  

    4. Assuming you have room, and after you received the lists from the Treasurer and Webmaster, you may accept phone or email sign-ups in the last 2-3 days prior to the event.  You will need to ensure those people pay you prior to the event (that part is important) and that they are active members.  Such monies will need to be given to the Treasurer after the event.  See #8 below to see if this is allowed.

  4. Handicap List:
    The Handicap Chair will provide (upon your request and within a day or two of the event) a sheet of course handicaps from the various tees.  Duplicate this sheet and provide 1 to each group (typically a foursome).  Remind the players to mark their tee boxes on the cards.

  5. Advertising the Event:
    Design a flyer for the event to send out to all members.  Send the final draft to the VP of Membership at who will send it to the members. You may want to attach additional information for players, please be specific about what you want to add.

  6. Monthly Meeting:

    1. Please plan to attend the general meeting 1-2 months prior to your event for sign-up purposes. 

    2. Arrange for a designee if not able to attend the meeting to attend in your place.

    3. Members can sign up online and pay using PayPal, or checks can be made payable to VGC and sent to the Treasurer (not you).  Names will be sent directly to the leader.

  7. Final Call:
    1 week prior to the event, send a ‘Final Call' request to for emailing to all members. Send the details exactly as you want them sent out. Last day to sign up is 4 days prior to the event or as needed by course Pro timeline. This is an appropriate time to confirm the player’s tee box choices.

  8. Final Instructions:
    2-4 days prior to the event, advise participants via e-mail ( of the information regarding the outing including directions to course, address, and telephone number of course and leaders and a list of all players for event (see 'Sample Players Information Sheet'). A list of players must be sent with this request. This would also be helpful for those needing a ride.

  9. Prepare Player Information Sheet:
    Prepare a handout to include rules for the day, CTP holes and VGC golf guidelines for each cart for the day of the outing (see 'Event Player Information Sheet’). This could also include the course handicaps for golfers.  Be sure to designate players/team to place the CTP markers at the beginning of the round as well as the players/team to pick-up the CTP markers at the end of the round

  10. Inform Course:
    4 days prior to the event or the cut-off date the Pro gives you, the leader will provide names for each cart and team to the course. You can continue to add players up to this time. Please also check the details of the event; tee times, starting holes, restaurant booking etc. where appropriate. 

  11. Scorecards:
    One card per cart with all 4 golfers’ names on them. Do not add Handicap dots. Players can do that after they determine the tee box they will play from (if they choose). If anyone asks, if there is an odd number of dots, put the extra dot on front nine. 

  12. Purchase snacks:
    VGC usually provides a snack for each golfer. Purchase these snacks and place them in carts or have available at check in.  Again, save the receipt to give to the Treasurer for reimbursement.

Things to bring to the Event reminders

  1. Snacks [Item #12]

  2. Course Handicap sheet (Gotten from Handicap Chair) [Item #4]

  3. Event Scorecards (two (2) for each group) with names filled in (if you do not have these, show up early enough at the course to make them day of) [Item #11]. It is best to get them ahead of time [Item #1]

  4. Player Information Sheets (enough for 1 for each CART, not group) [Item #9]

  5. CTP markers or ensure someone who is playing is bringing them. Remember to organize who is placing them out (first group to play that hole) and who is picking them up (Last group to play that hole).  If you do not do this, you will need to drive around and collect them afterwards (can you say annoying?)

Day of Event - At the course things to do

  1. Upon arrival:

    1. Giving a tip to the bagboys may also be appropriate and facilitate a smooth start ($10 to $20 max. for the group depending on group size).  Tell them it is for the group.

    2. Place 'Outing Handout' (see 'Sample Outing Handout') in each cart as players usually forget to bring details with them. Place a Course Handicap Sheet on 1 cart of each group.

    3. Players should have been instructed to immediately check in with you, the leader, so that you know when the field is complete.  Any member signed up to play, who does not notify the leader at least 24 hours prior that they are unable to play, or just does not show up, forfeits his or her entry fee (which includes prize money).

    4. During check-in
      Give players a snack, and show them a course handicap sheet. 

 VGC cancellation and rain policies are published on the web site.

  1. Paying Green Fees:
    Once everyone has checked in, leaders must use a personal credit card or cash to cover the expenses. Pay only the agreed green fees for the number of players playing in the event minus the comps (if any) determined by the number of golfers that day.   You should have a confirmation slip showing the agreed prices, etc. This will usually be $5 less than you paid online for the event.

  2. Group Announcements: (if one occurs)
    Remind players to:

    1. Mark their tees on their scorecards

    2. Review any special course rules 

    3. Remind them to have fun

  3. Upon finishing:
    Two (2) official scorecards from each group should be turned in to the leader. All scorecards must be given to the Handicap Secretary (at the Event if possible or within a couple days after the event) for scoring results and handicap purposes. The awards for each outing should be handed out by leaders at the next VGC meeting (the Treasurer will make up the envelopes and have them available at the meeting). 

Post- Event Guidelines

Important End of Event Information - Please read and adhere to this

  1. Treasurer:
    All monies collected by the leaders are to be given to the treasurer no more than 5 days after the event (As Leader, you will rarely deal with money other than paying at the course for the group). The Leader should complete the VGC compensation form (see ‘Event Reimbursement Sheet”) itemizing the event income and expenses to the treasurer for reimbursement. 

  2. Next General Meeting:
    The awards for each outing should be handed out by leaders at the next VGC meeting (the Treasurer will make up the envelopes and have them available at the meeting). 


Slate of Officers Contact Information Addendum


Club President Frank Lane (615) 948-9897


Vice President/

Event Coordinator


VP of Membership: Ruth Lamb (517) 290-1244


Treasurer: Mark Schmink (248) 807-8976


Handicap Secretary: Marvin Lamb (517) 230-1255


Web Master Marvin Lamb (517) 230-1255