Golf Course Aerial Shot
Event Rules

VGC Normal Golf Rules
Full normal golf rules are always here even if not on a day of play information sheet

  1. Marking the Score Card: Please record the gross score ONLY for each player. e.g. 7 and not 7/5.
    TWO (2) scorecards must be turned in to qualify for prizes. Scorecards that do not match will be given the higher stroke total on a particular hole.
    You may -on a separate scorecard- score normally per The Rules of Golf if you are entering your score in GHIN or a similar system.

  2. Please ensure the handicap administrator can read each score for each player. 
    Un-readable scores will be treated as "X". See Rule 3. 

  3. Picking Up: If you choose not to complete any hole, please record X for that hole. All picked up balls will be assigned a score of Net Triple Bogey for the purposes of scoring the event.

  4. The ball will be played as it lies on all parts of the course per The Rules of Golf (current version).
    Exception: Ball in divot on the fairway only. You may pick and drop within a club length no closer to the hole. 

  5. Out-of-bounds and lost balls: Provisional balls should be played where necessary.  If you did not play a provisional ball, you must drop a ball -under penalty of 2 strokes- 2 club lengths into the fairway no closer to the hole from the estimated lost ball/OB ball position. For speed of play, we disallow returning to the tee box.

  6. Gimmies: All putts must be holed out (no gimmies). See rule 3 about picking up.

  7. Bunkers: Inside bunkers only, players will be given free relief from footprints or sand berm caused by rakes. Relief is to place the ball within six inches of the original spot still inside the bunker or you may choose to rake the bunker and replace the ball where it was.

  8. Results: The event results and revised VGC handicaps will normally be posted on the web site within 2 days of the event.

VGC Special Course Rules
Per Course and often written by the leaders, though we know about a few

SummerGlen Special Rules:

Hole #10 requires a long 2nd shot over a swamp area. If your ball is lost or unplayable in the swamp penalty area, Hole #10 provides a couple of Drop Areas, all players will use the FORWARD drop area.

Hole #11 requires a mid-length tee shot across water to a narrow (between trees) fairway, if your ball ends in the water, you can use a special drop area as the standard drop area puts trees between the drop area and the hole (which is highly unfair IMO). Thus, you may CHOOSE to instead to drop with in 2 club lengths (including closer to the hole) of any Red Penalty Area stake on that hole around the water.

Additional Considerations to keep play moving

Please endeavor to keep up with the match in front. Remember, Play Ready Golf. No-one enjoys a 5 hour round of golf.

Be patient with those not as blessed with the golf skills that you enjoy. Please move to the next tee before marking cards or cleaning and putting clubs away so the group behind you can safely hit to the green you are leaving.

Relax, enjoy and have fun!