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The pages under this menu heading include Events and Competitions for the coming Winter season and Summer months. Also included are results of current and past competitions. Please hover over the Events and Results button above and select an item.

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What sort of events do we run?

Typical cost is in the range of $28 to $45 including prize money.

Formats vary by event but we try and please all levels of golfers. We run team and individual events.

Some event details and formats follow:

  • 2 best net of 4

  • 123   (count one ball on hole one, 2 balls on hole two, 3 balls on hole three)

  • Quota points (team score one point for net one over, etc.)

  • Shambles

  • Scrambles

  • Lower handicap golfers play one game and the higher handicaps play Shamble

  • Over 30 handicaps get to move the time best drive

  • Over 30 handicaps get the move to the best drive plus on the par 5s best 2nd shot

  • Gals one game, guys another

  • Most of the time we have 2 girls and 2 guys on a team and the handicaps are close for all teams.

  • Three clubs only, ( each player gets only 3 clubs to play the game)

  • The best part is we play a shotgun most of the time and eat together after the game. This is a great way to meet new friends as the leaders work to find a deal for drinks and food at the course or on the way home.

  • We play most games within 1 hour of The Villages and we carpool when we can.

  • We have some players that don't like to drive or don't have a car. The Club works with each to find a ride.

Some of the courses we played in the last year are:

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