The Villages Golf Club By-laws are our organization’s internal affairs guidebook and will serve as our organizational manual to help guide the orderly operation of VGC. The Villages Golf Club’s (VGC) By-laws establish procedures for holding elections, organizing meetings, quorum requirements, membership structure (if needed) and other essential operations of VGC.  The Villages Golf Club will neither practice nor permit any unlawful discrimination on the basis of sex, age, race, color, national origin, religion, physical handicap or disability, or any other basis prohibited by law. No part of the activities of the Villages Golf Club will participate on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office, or endorse any political activity.

ARTICLE I - Name of Organization


This organization shall be known as Villages Golf Club (VGC) of The Villages, Florida. It has been in continuous service since being established in 1998.  The VGC is a non-profit organization, organized under the Villages Community Development Districts (VCDD) as part of the Villages Recreation Department of The Villages, Florida, following their guidelines contained in the category of Resident Lifestyle Volunteer Group.


ARTICLE II - Purpose and Intent 


The purpose of The Villages Golf Club shall be: 

  • To create excellent recreational opportunities that promote an active and healthy lifestyle;

  • To promote the game of amateur golf among residents of The Villages, Florida; 

  • To provide an outlet for international fellowship, and golf, for residents of The Villages. 

The intent is for members to meet new friends and to have fun.   The VGC will promote charitable endeavors such as The First Tee and Junior Golf organizations in Central Florida, and other agencies.


ARTICLE III - Membership 


Membership in the Villages Golf Club is open to any resident, temporary or permanent, of The Villages, Florida.  Membership entitles people to participate in all VGC events.   

ARTICLE IV - Executive Board and Officers


The governing body of the VGC shall be the Executive Board, which shall consist of the following officers (when enough Volunteers are available):

  • President

  • Vice President

  • Vice President for Membership

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Program Secretary

  • Web Master (typically combined with the handicap Adminstrator)

  • Handicap Administrator

  • Members-at-Large (up to 3)

All Executive Board Members have voting rights.

All Executive Board Members must be VGC members.

The Executive Board will assume responsibility for conducting the business of the VGC, approving golf events, and determining programming needs for the monthly meetings of the club. 

The President and Treasurer shall be signatories on the bank account, currently at Citizens First Bank.  An annual audit of the books and financial operations of the club shall be performed by a qualified individual selected by the President and approved by the Executive Board. No individual member or officer of the VGC shall be liable for debts, liabilities or obligations of the club. 

The Board may fill positions except President and Treasurer with 2 members as a method of training someone to do a position in the future.


ARTICLE V - Election of Officers


  • The Executive Board, terms of service and the business of the club, shall be on a calendar year basis (January thru December).   

  • The officers will be elected for two (2) year terms. 

  • The Vice President, Treasurer, Vice President of Membership, Program Secretary, and one (1) Member-At-Large will be elected in odd numbered years (odd being determined in the Fall of a particular year).

  • The Secretary, President, Web Master, Handicap Administrator, and two (2) Members-At-Large will be elected in even numbered years (even being determined in the Fall of a particular year). 

  • The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee consisting of a Chairperson and two other members of the VGC in September.  The Committee will prepare a slate of nominees who are willing to serve. 

  • Nominations for the officers and At-Large Executive Board members for the next year shall be presented to the membership at the November meeting prior to the year of the term. Nominations from the floor may be made at that meeting. 

  • Officers will serve no more than two consecutive full two-year terms in their respective positions. Partial terms of service will not count as a "full term".

  • Vacancies occurring among the officers or At-Large members shall be filled by appointment of the President with approval of the Executive Board.

  • If no one volunteers, an officer may choose to serve more than 2 full terms in a particular position but only if no other volunteers are available.

ARTICLE VI - Duties of Officers 

Section 1:      PRESIDENT 

  • Shall preside at all meetings of the VGC and of the Executive Board. 

  • Shall appoint those individuals needed for special concerns, Advisors, who shall be temporary, non-voting members, may have special knowledge or experience in areas VGC may encounter. These may include charitable solutions, digital interactions, etc. and all special and standing committees. 

  • Shall, in the absence of the Treasurer, attend to all financial obligations of the VGC. 

  • Shall represent the Club as a liaison to the Resident Lifestyle Volunteer Group of The Villages Recreation Department.  

  • Shall ensure that records (membership, by-laws, financial, operating procedures, etc.) of VGC are open to participating residents upon reasonable notice.

  • Shall, in September, appoint a nominating committee.


Section 2:      VICE PRESIDENT

  • Shall assist the President with the operation of the club business. 

  • Shall assume the position of Acting President in the absence or incapacity of the President. 

  • Shall assume ultimate responsibility for the scheduling of golfing events, obtaining the best price, prizes, dates and times possible; by working with the pros at the host courses to enhance the experience for the VGC members.  

  • Shall work to find a place to eat in the area as this gives VGC the real building blocks for the Club. This is where VGC builds friendships. 

  • Shall provide timely details of new events to Webmaster for publication on web site: to include: Date, Time, cost to members, Leaders names etc.

  • Shall solicit golf event leaders

  • Shall provide confirmation of event email including pricing to Handicap  Administrator for distribution with Leaders Package



  • Shall preside at meetings in the absence of the President and Vice President.

  • Shall send a Welcome letter with most current information to each new member.

  • Shall be responsible for keeping an accurate membership file and roster of all paid members 

  • Shall send reminder letter in August to entire membership that dues are owed in September.

  • Shall send reminder letter to those with outstanding dues in November.

  • Shall send a letter of final notice to unpaid members in December.

  • Shall move those who are not current to the inactive member list in January.

  • Shall provide membership information as required by the President, event leaders and The Villages Resident Council while protecting membership list and information.

  • Shall provision Name tags for new members

  • Shall manage the VGC mailbox (

Section 4:      SECRETARY

  • Shall record minutes of the membership meetings and the Executive Board meetings and provide copies of these minutes to the Executive Board as soon as possible after such meetings. 

  • Shall maintain a historical record of the meeting and activities of the VGC. 

  • Shall provide for the monthly publication of the notice of meetings in the Daily Sun. 

  • Shall create and distribute information as possible to assist in the marketing of The Villages Golf Club.

Section 5:      TREASURER

  • Shall be the Chief Financial Officer of the VGC. 

  • Shall be responsible for the collection of all funds of the VGC, depositing all funds and dispersing those funds upon the consent of the Executive Board.

  • Shall keep an accurate record of all deposits, disbursements and all financial activity and will provide a record of the status of the VGC funds.

  • Shall conduct all business with the depository financial institution (Citizens First Bank), reconciling the Club’s records with the bank and seeing that all signature cards are in proper order.

  • Shall work with the VP of Membership to ensure accurate records of dues collected

  • Shall provide all financial records, with receipts or authorization for all disbursements to the audit or auditing committee annually by the middle of January for audit.

  • Shall provide a list of unclaimed prize money to the Web Master for posting on the Website and to the VP of Membership prior to each monthly meeting.

Section 6:      WEBMASTER

  • Shall be responsible for the set up and maintenance of the VGC website.

  • Shall work at the direction of the Executive Board regarding website information.

  • Shall post competition results to web site

  • Shall posting Money Owed list to web site after each monthly meeting (from Treasurer)

  • Shall add new events (meetings and golf outings) to the web site as they are organized

  • Shall generally maintain pages that regularly change e.g. Officers, Unclaimed Money, and Member’s VGC Handicap Index.


  • Shall be responsible for the set up and maintenance of the VGC Database software (currently Google Sheets) including any training necessary for other officers.

  • Shall work at the direction of the Executive Board regarding handicap administration. 

  • Shall establish new VGC member handicaps with a consistent system

  • Shall pass revised member handicap information to WebMaster for publication on the website after each event.



  • Shall, with the assistance of the Executive Board, obtain speakers for the monthly meetings.  

  • Shall be responsible for speakers and responsible for the monthly room arrangements including who brings cookies and confirms coffee. 

  • Shall pass details of Cookie providers to the Webmaster for publication on the web site.


Section 9:      AT– LARGE BOARD MEMBER(s)

  • Shall attend all Executive Board meetings as called.

  • Shall attend monthly VGC General Membership meetings.

  • Shall assist the VGC officers when needed for special events and activities.

  • Shall assist the club as a golf outing leader as needed.

  • Shall give input and suggestions to the Executive Board as deemed necessary.

  • Shall assist officers in any duties or help as needed at monthly VGC General Membership meetings

  • Shall be active in committee work as needed.

  • Shall read and keep up with Executive Board policies, minutes, and information as needed.


ARTICLE VII - Meetings

Section 1:      Regular Meetings

  • Held the fourth Wednesday of each month (excluding May, June, July and August) in a room designated by The Villages Recreation Department. NOTE: Held the 3rd Wednesday in the months of Nov and Dec to avoid the holiday seasons.

  • Begin at 7:00 PM.

  • Vice President of Membership, event leaders, 50/50 leaders and others as needed will be available for sign-ups in the meeting room at least ½ hour prior to the regular monthly meeting.

  • Speakers or programs will generally be presented at monthly meetings.  The speaker’s topics can include any matters concerning golf, rules, equipment, course conditions, safety and etiquette or other topics that the membership deems interesting and appropriate. Any speaker must be approved by The Villages Recreation executives prior to their presentation.  All employees of the Villages are already approved and sanctioned and do not need prior approval.

  • Special meetings of the membership may be called by the Executive Board by giving ten days’ notice by e-mail.

Section 2:      Meetings of the Executive Board

  • These meetings are scheduled at a time and place to be designated by the President. 

Section 3:      Annual Dinner

  • An Annual Dinner shall be held (if allowed to do so).

Section 4:      QUORUM

  • Those members present at any meeting of the VGC shall constitute a quorum.

Section 5:      Picnic

  • An annual picnic shall be held (if allowed to do so).

ARTICLE VIII - Fees and Dues


Section 1:        Membership dues are $10 per year, which runs from September-August. Annual dues can be changed annually by the Executive Board. An exception is noted for new members who join after April and their dues will be inclusive through August of the following year.


Section 2:      Dues must be paid in order for a member to participate in any golf event.  


Section 3:      A guest may golf in an event sponsored by the VGC only if there is space available and if their participation does not prevent the participation of a member.  All fees including cart fees, greens fees, prize fees, previously negotiated by the Vice President must be pre-paid prior to the golf outing event. Should there be a cancellation due to inclement weather, the fees will be returned.  In the event that a guest participates in a golf event, that person will pay full fees for each golf outing and will not be eligible for any share of the prize fund. 

ARTICLE IX – Tournaments and Competition    

Section 1:  The VGC will attempt to offer at least TWO golf events per month from September through April.  These golf courses should be within a reasonable driving distance of The Villages.  

Section 2:  With the agreement of the membership, VGC will schedule at least ONE (1) multiple day overnight golf event each year.    

Section 3:  Prizes for VGC events shall be paid at the next monthly meeting of the VGC during the winter season. In summer, prizes are collected by the treasurer and presented at the September Membership Meeting.   Unclaimed prizes shall be turned over to the Treasurer. However, it will be the prize winner’s responsibility to contact the Treasurer to arrange an appropriate distribution of the prize money.

Section 4:  Prizes remaining unclaimed for 9 months (and without contact from the individual involved)  shall, after proper attempted notice to those entitled, be forfeited and deposited into the treasury of the VGC. 


ARTICLE X - Conduct of Play


  • USGA RULES OF GOLF are hereby incorporated by reference.  All play shall be in accordance with those rules and the local rules of the course of play.

  • In addition, the VGC has rules that shall govern play in all events.  These rules shall be posted on the Website for reference during a round of golf by competitors.

  • The event leaders of any event may establish special rules that may be appropriate for the format of that event. 

  • It shall be the duty of the Executive Board to address and act upon any reports of breaches of the Rules of Golf (USGA, Local, or Special Event Rules) or inappropriate behavior by members.  After full investigation of the circumstances of the violation, the President shall inform the member by letter that the violation or behavior has occurred.  The violation must be corrected or further action would be taken by the board.  Members may be expelled from the VGC upon continued misconduct. 


ARTICLE XI - Cancellation Policy

Section 1:         Cancellations Prior to 24 Hours before a Tournament.

If a registered participant is unable to play in an event for whatever reason, the participant is to cancel with the event leader, and the money will be refunded.

Section 2:        Cancellations within 24 Hours of a Tournament and No-Shows

A registered participant who cancels less than 24 hours before the start of an event or who does not show up for the event will forfeit his/her entire entry fee. If an unexpected emergency precipitated the no-show, an appeal letter must be submitted to the Executive Board within two days after the event describing the circumstances.  The Executive Board will determine the outcome of the appeal and will notify the participant of the outcome. 

Section 3:        Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather on the day of the event, all participants must go to the golf course.   This is due to wide variability of the local weather patterns.  It is distinctly possible that inclement weather in one area may not impact the location of the golf event. The course and the event leaders will decide on cancellation.  Registered participants who do not come to the course will not receive a refund other than as specified above.  


ARTICLE XII - Amendments 

These By-Laws may be amended at any regular or special meeting of the VGC, by a two-thirds vote of the active members present.